Rather than arrange a big exhibition, running for a short period in a gallery, when we moved into our current flat I thought I could use the front windows (that are right on the street) to do a small exhibition, running for a much longer period - hence the Window Project was born (a tongue in cheek reference to the Garage Project up the road who make awesome beer!)


While I would love to be able to sell my images for thousands of dollars, I quickly realised that there are not many photographers who can command this sort of money. I thought I would try something different.

In the Window Project, a new set of two images go up on the 1st of the month. On the first, the price is the maximum. Each day the price decreases, until the end of the month, the price reaches the minimum. You can buy at whatever time of the month you want, however there is only one copy of the image for sale as part of the Window Project, so the longer you wait, the more chance you have of missing out.

Buy Now

Assuming that the piece has not already sold, there will be a buy now at the bottom of the screen. Clicking this will take you through to PalPay where you can either purchase with a PayPal account, or if you don't use PayPal, you can purchase with a credit card (this appears at the bottom of the PayPal screen).

If there is no Buy button, then you have missed out and it has already been sold. Sorry.

Purchase price is for an unframed print. If you want it framed and you are located in Wellington, this can be arranged through Workshop Picture Framing (who made the wonderful frames you see in the window).


If you purchased a piece, at the end of the month the piece will be sent to you. For photographic images these will be delivered in a mailing tube, however for any guest work, if the work can't be rolled, then delivery may be in a box.

The shipping costs is included in the purchase price for New Zealand shipping only. If you have purchased with an international delivery address, I will contact you with the additional costs over and above the NZ shipping charge.


I am interested in displaying work from other artists. If you are a photographer, then the frame is already made. The matt is square at 330mm x 330mm, however if you don't shoot square, you could have a matt cut to fit the 473mm x 573mm frame. If you are a painter etc, then the window dimension is 600mm x 800mm.

You can set both the start and end price. If the work is purchased, then the money will come to me, and I will ship at the end of the month. I charge a 10% commission on the sale, but nothing if it does not sell.

Contact me here to discuss. Please note that I have sole discretion on if I am going to show something. Because it is going in a public space I won't display anything that could be perceived as offensive. If you are exhibiting a photo of a person then you must have a model release.