DanCro Generator

Back in 2008 the Christchurch Art Gallery showed me the genius that is Daniel Crooks. I can honestly say that before seeing this "everywhere instantly" exhibition I though video art was basically crap. But this exhibition was totally different. I must have visited half a dozen times and probably spent about 2 hours all up watching it.

I think the thing that appeals to me is the fusion of art and technology and a significant time was spent sitting and thinking, trying to work out the process behind the work. Of course some makes sense, however some has me baffled (the art produced with multiple camera has me stumped)

Over the 2010 Xmas period the Christchurch Art Gallery showed Pan No.2 (one step forward, one frame backwards) which inspired me to sit down and hack together a program to reprocess video giving a Daniel Crooks style to it (as a homage it is called the DanCro Generator) and see if I could get anywhere with working out how the videos are produced.

Turns out that for my poor coding skills it is not a trivial process to render video - while the application was reasonably quick to process standard def content, when you jumped to HD the process time increased exponentially. After a few rewrites I managed to get something that was slightly more exciting that watching paint dry.

As I get some work that I consider interesting I will update.

after Elevator No.4 (DanCro gen5) from Nick Heaphy on Vimeo.