I am always keen to hear from people. Especially from rich arts patrons who want to support my extravagant lifestyle.

But seriously, I am always on the lookout for something interesting to photograph. You might be a horder with a shed full of interesting bits and bobs. You might be a property owner with a historic building full of flotsam and jetsam from a previous life. You might be a tattooed beauty with a chip on your shoulder. You might just have a deep dark secret you want to share via an image. I am always keen to talk.

Email me below or chat with, my AIM account is nicnaknet or friend me on Facebook.

Please excuse me for not putting my email addresses out for all to see. Spammers have an annoying habit of harvesting email addresses from web sites and I really don't need any Viagra, Russian brides, Nigerian Business Relationships or parts of my anatomy enlarged (well, maybe that last one...)

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